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Madrono Yearbook

Madrono Yearbook

Madrono Yearbook

Awards and Recognitions

Staff Awards

  • 2018 Gold Medalist – Columbia Scholastic Press Association
  • 2022 GOLD CROWN FINALIST -Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Individual Awards

JEA NORCAL 2023-24

FEATURE PHOTO: Honorable Mention, Lindsay Holman: Glass Galore

CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS SPREAD : 1st place, Lucy Zheng, Arabella Guinle: The March Sister Experience

SPORTS PHOTO: 2nd place, Lillian Chen: Bringing the Heat

ACADEMIC SPREAD: Honorable Mention, Helena Gonzalez Bondolowski, Edison Yoshinga, Hope Van Riesen: On and Off the Field

FEATURE STORY: 3rd place, Ella Bishop, Connecting Culture

FEATURE STORY: Honorable Mention, Lydia Mitz: Listen to the Beat

COVER DESIGN: 3rd place, Alessandra Chandler, Zora Wakelee, Meredith Glasson 

STUDENT LIFE SPREAD: 3rd place, Rebecca Doran, Bringing the Heat. Honorable Mention, Chloe Amos, Rebecca Doran, Emily Tang, G.O.A.T. Floats

MINI-MAG OR SPECIALTY SPREAD: 3rd place, Lucy Zheng, Arabella Guinle, Gal Shoval: Sko Vikes: Spirit Showdown

CHRONOLOGICAL SPREAD: 2nd place, Meredith Glasson, Zora Wakelee, Lillian Chen: Make Some Noise

SPORTS SPREAD: Honorable Mention, Tate Hardy, Clare Antonow, Gabe Boudtchenko

PEOPLE SPREAD: Honorable Mention, Svina Narang, Hope Van Riesen, Lydia Mitz: Goin’ with the Flow



Full awards list here.

Academic Writing: 2nd place. Tali Lehrer, “The Voice of History,”

Academic Writing: Certificate of Merit. Chloe Amos and Rebecca Doran, “Gearing Up for Competition,”

Headline Writing: Certificate of Merit. Hannah Huang, Tali Lehrer and Meryem Orazova

Student Life Spread: Multi-Page Spread: Certificate of Merit. Staff, “Spirit Week”

People Spread: Certificate of Merit. Scarlett Cummings, “Do Re Mi Directing,”

People Spread: Certificate of Merit. Hannah Huang, Hope Van Riesen and Zora Wakelee, “Spring Break,”

People Spread: First Place. Meredith Glasson  and Arati Periyannan, “Summer Travel.”

Design Portfolio: Certificate of Merit. Rebecca Doran


“We Did That” 2020-21

  • 2021 JEANC Chronological Spread Honorable Mention – California Wildfires Spread by Arati Periyannan
  • 2021 JEANC Clubs/Organizations Spread 2nd Place –  Club Spread by Sara Matsumoto
  • 2021 JEANC Clubs/Organizations Spread Honorable Mention –  Theatre and Choir by Sara Matsumoto
  • 2021 JEANC Feature Story Honorable Mention –  Band, Choir & Orchestra…but make it…Virtual by Weijing Chen
  • 2021 JEANC Mini-Mag or Specialty/Non Traditional Spread 1st Place – Election 2020 Showstopper by Anna Mickelsen
  • 2021 JEANC Mini-Mag or Specialty/Non Traditional Spread Honorable Mention – Inauguration 2021 by Arati Periyannan
  • 2021 JEANC People Spread Honorable Mention – Pitch Perfect, personality profile on Lily Lochhead by Eva Mankos
  • 2021 JEANC Sports Photo 1st Place – Deep Dive Down by Emma Wu
  • 2021 JEANC Student Life Spread 1st Place – Murder, Mystery, and Monsters by Ashley Qiu
  • 2021 JEANC Student Life Spread Honorable Mention – Student Activities during the Summer by Celia Frahn
  • 2021 JEANC Chronological Spread Honorable Mention – September Spread by Ashley Qiu, Ayaan Siddiqui
  • 2021 JEANC Clubs/Organizations Spread 3rd Place –  Club and Sports Spread by Ashley Qiu, Ayaan Siddiqui, Kathryn Mendenhall
  • 2021 JEANC Theme/Concept Development 2nd Place – Opening and Closing by Madrono EICs 2020-21

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